5 Tips To Identify Chaos In Your Life

Life is a series of choices. You can choose to be happy or sad; you can even choose to be a failure or a success. You are the architect of your destiny. When you refuse to make a choice and allow others to choose for you, you are still making a choice; to relinquish control.


After weighing all your options, you are always in the best position to make the best choice for you. Choose to live a life free of Chaos.


Sometimes, you can tell that something is “off” in but it’s difficult to pinpoint just exactly what it is. First, let’s define Chaos as a state of disarray, confusion and disorder, where everything is spinning out of control. As I talk to business owners, soon-to-be business owners, clients, friends, mentors, teachers or students, I find that Chaos is present in everyone’s life. Can you see it in yours?


5 tips to help you identify if Chaos is present in your life:


1. Anxiety: an unpleasant feeling of uneasiness accompanied by distress with feelings of ruination.

2. Worry: thoughts, images, and emotions of negativity, which churn in your mind without a positive solution.

3. Fear: the real or imagined perception of danger.

4. Doubt: a mood swing of belief and disbelief.

5. Emotion: a state of consciousness with an array of feelings ranging from frustration, sorrow, guilt, anger, pity, and envy to joy, love and excitement.