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Dr. Alpesh Desai Joins Tess Tims for Alopecia Awareness Seminar

Dr. Alpesh Desai is a leading board-certified dermatologist who specializes in all aspects of adult and pediatric dermatology, including general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology.  He shares excellent academic and professional credentials, as well as a genuine commitment to sharing knowledge and experience with both his professional colleagues and his patients. It comes as no surprise […]

5 Tips To Identify Chaos In Your Life

Life is a series of choices. You can choose to be happy or sad; you can even choose to be a failure or a success. You are the architect of your destiny. When you refuse to make a choice and allow others to choose for you, you are still making a choice; to relinquish control.   […]

Clarity Awareness: What It Is, And How You Can Apply It

Clarity Awareness is not only knowing exactly what you want, but having a vision of your bright future and the next steps you need to take to get there.   When Clarity Awareness is present, it feels empowering and exhilarating. When Clarity Awareness is lacking, it feels frightening, stressful, and rash. That’s when Chaos sets […]

“What to Do When You’re Attracting Fear, Worry and Stress Through Your Thoughts”

Have you ever caught yourself saying negative things in your head? Have you watched yourself project bad outcomes irrationally, or say mean things about yourself for no reason? Sometimes it feels impossible to pull yourself out of the negative thinking spiral, and the scary part is that the more you think stressful thoughts, the more […]

Are you Committed to Yourself?

YOU CAN’T CHANGE the Chaos in your life, or keep the Clarity, if you”re not Committed to your own personal and professional success. Being committed means making a pledge of becoming dedicated to a goal, or promise, that you will stay the course regardless of obstacles.

Blog 9: “Do you have a Balanced life?”

Creating a balanced life means having great health, love, spirituality, family, understanding, and direction in your life. It means sensing when things are slipping out of balance and into Chaos. It doesn’t mean leading a perfect life, by any means, but balance means that no one area of your life ever gets too out of […]

Blog 8: Grow Yourself, Grow Your Worth

Where are you, when it pertains to growth? -What areas of your life will you improve? -How committed are you in improving your quality of life? -Have you made a decision? If your answer is “Yes.” -What exactly did you decide in order to grow yourself, which will grow your worth.   In order to […]

Are You Living a Chaotic Life?

First,  let’s define chaos: “to be out of control.” Chaos results from making poor, downright bad, or even No choice. In other words, you enter into a “hot mess.” Life is a series of choices, you can choose to be happy, or sad, you can even choose to be a failure or a success. You […]

Tired of Repeating The Same Cycle

Are you tired of repeating the same things, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and still getting the same results? – Such as: – bad relationships – not enough to make ends meet – leave one job and move to another – friendships that are one sided – family […]