Celebrity Keratin Extensions


Keratin hair extensions are long-lasting hair extensions that are attached to existing hair. The end of the hair extension is dipped in a clear, keratin-based adhesive. Depending on the amount of keratin used, the extensions can be attached by glue, clips, or thermal fusion. They are one of the most popular types of hair extensions and the kind most often used for celebrity hair extensions. The extensions last for months, much longer than other varieties of hair extensions.

In mammals, hair and nails contain the protein, keratin. A keratin-based adhesive forms a long-lasting bond with human hair, and most keratin hair extensions can last up to three or four months before needing to be replaced or re-bonded. A “super-keratin” protein adhesive is used for top-quality hair extensions and can last up to seven months. These extensions are applied strand-by-strand instead of in small bunches and are often used for celebrity hair extensions.


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Stay young with Keratin Tip Hair Extensions made from the best quality 100% Indian Remy human hair. Our Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions are available in Straight, Brazilian, Wavy styles and more.


Keratin Tipped Remy Hair Extensions are the safest natural extension on the market today. The Extensions are attached to your own hair using adhesive but that adhesive can be removed from your hair very easily without causing any damage to your natural hair. Keratin Extensions can last for several months.


Our keratin extensions are made from Pure Indian Remy Hair. Remy Hair can be categorized in the ‘premium’ segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. Remy Hair has its cuticle intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. The cuticles protect the hair from damage and give the hair its natural look.


We sell both U-Tipped Nail and I-Tipped Extensions. The difference between I-Tipped and U-Tipped hair extensions is basically in the end of the tips. I-tip extensions are attached using micro rings. The client’s hair is pulled through a micro ring with a pulling hook or loop. The tip is then inserted into the ring and the micro ring is compressed – thus holding the extension on the hair but by applying a little more glue to the tip it can also be installed using a fusion heat iron or heating wand. This way you control how much glue is applied on the hair, which prevents shedding and breakage. The U-tips, also called Nail tips, are shaped like the tip of your finger and have more glue on the ends than I-tips. They are installed using heat iron.


Keratin Extensions come in all different lengths, colors and textures of Clip In Extensions including silky straight, yaky straight, Indian wavy, body wavy, brazilian curly to name a few. Length of our wefts can range from 10″ all the way to 30″. We offer hair in all different colors.