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Are you living a chaotic life, and need that extra something to get you back on track?

Is worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety controlling your thoughts even when you know you can’t control the situation?

Do you want to create change in your life but aren’t sure how (or even where to start)
and want guidance, direction, and support?

Well you aren’t alone!  No one likes living a chaotic life – constantly sabotaging their efforts with uncertainty, fear, and worry.  Chaos slows us down and holds us back when we should be racing ahead.  I experienced it in my own life — along with the financial lack and failure that so often accompanies chaos.

After consulting with and studying the lives of other successful people (as well as considerable self-reflection), it became apparent there were really three things I desperately needed, and now I am here to share my secrets with you!

I want to help you achieve YOUR version of Success as quickly and easily as possible, by presenting these simple strategies in simple language that anyone can “get”, and begin implementing immediately!

Simply stated, life is a series of choices…and the quality of your life will, in a very big way, always reflect the quality of the choices you make.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to a special complimentary teleclass where I will be sharing with you The 3 C’s to Master Success I discovered so you can avoid the hurdles and challenges getting to success I endured.

In less than an hour, I’ll reveal:

  • What are the 3C’s to Master Success and how they can help you make better choices and better decisions
  • 5 Tips in Identifying Chaos in Your Life…there are different definitions of what that means for everyone!
  • How to change your definition of Chaos and what it can bring to your life.  This insight alone will make your life take an entirely new direction.
  • 5 Steps to Preventing Chaos in Your Life…these steps will help you gain control of your life once and for all.
  • and as a special bonus, you will receive a special tool to put guardrails around your Chaos, realize what kind of Chaos you’re experiencing at the moment, and better prepare you for the benefits to come when working with the other 2 C’s.

So if you’ve ever backed away from a challenge, a project, or an opportunity because your life is just too chaotic, then this class could be precisely what you need to turn things around forever!

To reserve your spot for this complimentary 1 hour teleclass to move out from Chaos to getting your power back and living the life you deserve, then REGISTER NOW below!

WHEN: Thursday March 20, 2014

TIME:    7p CST (8p EST, 6p MST, 5p PST)



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But if it’s free….could it really be any good?

Here’s the thing…

Maybe you’ve heard about my upcoming 6 week teleclass “The Self Lab” – the class that will take you within (where it all starts) so that you can discover new and empowering TRUTHS about yourself that will enable you to KNOW yourself, IDENTIFY your desires, and take the steps to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.  It’s about removing the worry, fear and doubt from your life and replacing it with confidence, clarity, and unlimited possibilities.

Anyhow, I feel there is no better way to promote this 6 week teleclass than giving you a taste – for FREE – of what will be revealed to you when you register.

And not only that!

In addition to being a preview of what you can expect when you attend the 6 week teleclass, this free class on Thursday is also kind of a “pre-training” session – part of the material lifted directly from what we have planned for The Self Lab teleclass.

In other words, it may be free … but its true value may be utterly incalculable!

Sure “free” is always nice….but is it right for you?

Even though this preview/training session is absolutely FREE, and jam-packed with the kind of life changing content that could take your life in an entirely new direction…

If it isn’t right for you, then investing an hour of your day with us might not make sense.  So here’s a few suggestions to help you decide:

  • If you want too create change in your life…but aren’t sure how (or even where to start)….then this is for you!
  • If you realize that “something” is off in your life, want to make a shift, and are seeking guidance, direction and support…then this is for you!
  • If you are lacking self-confidence, letting fear, doubt, and anxiety control your thoughts…then this is for you!
  • If you find yourself worrying about things that you know you can’t control, but you just can’t stop worrying about them…then this is for you!
  • If you’ve heard about The Self Lab Teleclass and would like to get a feel for what you can expect when you attend…

Then this FREE introduction to this life changing teleclass, with one of the greatest experts in the business, is DEFINITELY for you!

Reserve your spot now for this complimentary 1 hour class
to move you out from Chaos to getting your power back and living the life you deserve!

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