The WEALTH LAB with Tess

The WEALTH LAB will change your PERCEPTION, your MINDSET, and your LIFE.  It is a 6 month program designed to support you in understanding and adopting a true WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, get you operating at your HIGHEST LEVEL of potential, and position you to receive YOUR versions of TRUE WEALTH.  Wealth can mean a number of things:  vibrant health, a positive state of mind, loving relationships, a fulfilling career, an abundance of money and material possessions.  You get to choose what wealth means to you and you get to choose if you are ready to create it in your life.


WEALTH LAB with Tess is the perfect program for you if . . .

  • You are an entrepreneur who has potential and talent, but hasn’t seen the results you KNOW you can create
  • You want to become an entrepreneur, but are overcome by fear and confusion and are not sure where to start
  • You are a single parent that is looking to do more than just making ends meet
  • You are retired, but perhaps can’t afford to be retired and are looking to create more income
  • You know your thoughts are getting in the way of your success, but are not sure what to do to take control and create positive change in your life
  • You are successful in business, but your personal relationships could use some love
  • You feel as if you sabotage everything you put your hands on (whether it be personal or professional) and can’t seem to get ahead in life
  • You are a college student who is fearful . . . fearful of not making the grades, losing your scholarship, etc

Whether you are an entrepreneur, single parent, stay at home mom, college student or retired . . . the WEALTH LAB with Tess CAN HELP.  Why?  Because I understand the underlying challenges that are in your way and know how to support you in clearing them so you can create the life you DESIRE.

During WEALTH LAB with Tess and you will learn:

  • How to think differently to create your desires
  • How to overcome barriers, fears and obstacles in your life that are stopping you from achieving your dreams
  • How to get what YOU want, when YOU want it and how YOU want it
  • How creativity is the hidden key to attracting wealth and how you can ignite more creativity in your life
  • How to re-program your mindset so that you unconsciously create more positive thoughts than negative thoughts
  • How to be the ARCHITECT OF YOUR LIFE!!!

How it all works:

  • 6 month program with a combination of self study, self reflection, connection and community
  • Downloadable e-book to guide you though the entire program
  • Weekly connection calls with Tess to guide you through the week’s topic and dive deeper into the work
  • Space is LIMITED . . . CONTACT ME to reserve your spot

Just imagine what is POSSIBLE.

  • Have the career you want
  • Send your kids to whatever college they want to go to
  • Buy the car you want, the home you want, to boat you want
  • Wonderful family relationship
  • Inner peace, joy and happiness
  • Waking up feeling inspired and excited for your day
  • Having a career that fulfills you and allows you to live your purpose
  • Vacation when you want, where you want, how you want

It’s up to YOU to make YOUR CHOICE.

ALL (yes ALL) of this is possible.  It begins right now.  It begins with you making a choice.  Your thoughts make all things work for you, but only if you’re willing to learn how to act in a way that causes you to think differently.  Don’t keep yourself from ultimate success in life when you have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to change it.  No one is choosing your life situation for you.  YOU CHOOSE.  You determine your own path in life.  What will you choose?

Not yet ready to jump in?

No worries.  It’s a big decision, I know.  It’s important to me that you are serious about your transformation and are ready for change, so if you are not quite ready to sign up NOW, but are interesting in examining this offering, let’s connect.  REACH OUT to schedule a FREE Strategy Session (valued at $250) where we can discuss where you are in your life and determine how I can support you in the best way possible.  CLICK HERE to fill out a questionnaire and I will respond to you within 24-48 hours to set up your FREE Strategy Session.